Terms of Service

Updated 21.2.2023

Terms of Use of MyFondia

These Terms of Use set out the terms for using of the MyFondia Service ("MyFondia" or the "Service").

The end user of MyFondia (hereinafter the "User") accepts these Terms of Use and agrees to comply with them by using MyFondia and/or registering as a MyFondia user.

MyFondia consists of a legal database (hereinafter "Legal Insights"), a tool for self-assessment of the legal situation of the company, the Legal Health Check (hereinafter "Legal Health Check") and a collaboration platform between Fondia and the Fondia customer. The Service is continuously developed, and new functionalities are notified to the User.

Service provider

Fondia Oyj

Business ID 0706964-1

Aleksanterinkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki



System requirements

An Internet connection and a web browser (Fondia recommends using the latest browser version) are required to use MyFondia. The User is solely responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the hardware, software and telecommunications connections required to use MyFondia, as well as for any other technical devices and related costs associated with the use of the Service.

User account

In order to access certain parts of MyFondia, a username is required, which is the email address of the User. The username and associated password are personal and must be stored carefully. When registering, the User warrants that he/she is providing accurate information of him/her and the company.

Liability limitation

Fondia updates the material contained in MyFondia as necessary and aims to ensure that MyFondia contains as up-to-date information as possible. However, Fondia does not guarantee the accuracy of the material contained in MyFondia or that MyFondia contains complete information on the subjects covered. The User is responsible for identifying the specific characteristics of their own decision-making situations and the solutions best suited to them. The User is responsible for ensuring that the materials added to MyFondia by him/her comply with applicable laws and good practice.

Furthermore, Fondia shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage that the User may suffer as a result of using MyFondia and shall not be liable for the applicability and suitability of MyFondia for any specific purpose.

Fondia will use its best efforts to ensure that MyFondia is available, but Fondia shall not be liable for any possible interruption of MyFondia's operation, for example due to maintenance, technical faults or similar causes, nor shall Fondia be liable for any damage that may result from the operation or operation failure of MyFondia. Technical upgrades and maintenance, as well as any possible interruptions of service, will, as far as possible, be carried out outside office hours with minimum disruption to Users of the Service.

Furthermore, Fondia shall not be responsible for the functionality of links to other MyFondia pages or for the instructions given therein or the content of the pages.

Fondia's liability for damages shall be limited in accordance with Fondia's General Terms and Conditions. If the User does not have Fondia's General Terms and Conditions in force, the liability for damages shall in all cases be limited to a maximum of EUR 1000.

MyFondia's content and intellectual property rights

The rights to MyFondia and its contents belong to Fondia or third parties. Fondia grants the User a limited right to use the Service in accordance with these Terms of Use. If the User uploads its own materials to the MyFondia Service, the intellectual property rights thereto shall not be transferred to Fondia.

The User may use MyFondia in accordance with these Terms of Use. The User shall have a right to quote texts from Legal Insights material and to use such quotations in materials created by the User in good faith and to the extent appropriate for the purpose. When quoting material, Fondia must be cited as the source. The User is entitled to print, copy and redistribute quotations from the Legal Insights material referred to herein as part of the materials created by the User.

The User may use document templates or other content as a basis for his/her own documents. The User shall not have a right to copy the MyFondia content beyond what is permitted in this paragraph. The User shall not have a right to copy the database contained in MyFondia my means of the right of use. Furthermore, the User shall not have a right to collect parts of MyFondia and to create their own service/materials from them.

No material or information contained in MyFondia may be copied, disclosed, published, used commercially or otherwise in any way other than in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use without the express written consent of Fondia. The content of MyFondia may not be redistributed.

If Fondia has reasonable grounds to suspect that the User has not complied with these Terms of Use, Fondia shall be entitled to terminate the User's user rights or take any other action to the extent necessary to end the non-compliance with these Terms of Use. In such a case, the User shall not be entitled to any compensation.

Fondia reserves the right to delete a user account that has been inactive for more than 12 months. Fondia will send a notification to the User before closing the user account. At the request of the User, Fondia may terminate an individual user’s access rights to MyFondia.

Changes to the Terms of Use

Fondia reserves the right to change these Terms of Use. Any substantial changes to these Terms of Use will be communicated via MyFondia and/or by e-mail to the Users. The changes shall enter into force on the date indicated. By continuing to use MyFondia after the changes have been made to the Terms of Use, the User agrees to comply with the amended Terms of Use.

Dispute resolution

The Terms of Use are governed by Finnish law. The parties undertake to seek to settle all disputes primarily by negotiation. In the event that the parties cannot reach an agreement, all claims and disputes arising out of the Agreement shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Central Chamber of Commerce.